Recommended Mining Equipment

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Recommended Mining Equipment

Post by razehell42 on Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:12 pm

We want our members to be efficient in mining. But does m3/cycle and cargo hold ultimately mean more efficiency? No. The key to a mining fit is living to drop your ore off at station. I know we cant physically force you to use a procurer, but we consider it borderline mandatory to use this while you mine with us. It should be a priority for your training to implement the required skills to be able to fly it and obtain a high level of mastery for it. When i talk of the procurer, i am also talking about the tech 2 version, the skiff.

This is the basic fit that we would like you to be using UDI Procurer.

I understand you might not be able to use it right now, but please train up to it as soon as possible. This is very important on several levels. Not only is it important for your day to day mining survival, but it repels people in general from making us a target by showing them we are a harder target for high sec ganking.

Mine smart. When you go into system, watch local. When you stop your ship near the rocks you want to mine, align to station, wait to level out and then stop your ship. This will add valuable seconds to your chance of living. Watch the overview and when someone thats obviously not there for mining jumps into the belt, warp to safe zone immediately. It is highly recommended not to AFK mine. There are a lot of people out there that want to ruin your day.

Dont feed the trollers. If someone does kill you, or messages you in this context dont respond, dont give them any reason to bother you more. They look for quick enjoyment, another tear for their jar. This is what they want.

Please be smart out there and ask for advice if you dont feel comfortable. We have no problems with questions, we have problems with people losing ships, isk, and drawing bad attention to the corp.

So please understand where were coming from and implement these guidlines asap.


Xaultus Remeire - Mining Director


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